Elaine White

Elaine started taking photographs in 2006.

Having learnt to dive in 2001, she was captivated by the diverse beauty of the underwater environment and decided to combine her passions for diving and photography.

Elaine has since dived and photographed around the world – from Borneo, Yap, Bali, Maldives, Raja Ampat, Djiboutti, Cayman Island and around the UK coast

Elaine’s eye for detail and composition has produced an exciting portfolio of images that portray both the beauty and the unexpected to be found in our oceans. She is as at home with the larger underwater subjects as she is with the smaller close ups and has a photographic style that allows the shapes, colours and unexpected detail in her subjects come to the fore.

Elaine’s work has steadily been gaining recognition – Starting to have success in Underwater photography competitions and recently starting to get some of her photographs published in Scuba Magazine

“I love everything about being underwater and feel privileged that I can enjoy and photograph the whole experience. No two dives are ever the same and you can never predict what you will see – so often the beauty is in the detail and I enjoy the challenge of capturing the unexpected.”

Elaine is a member of Merseyside Sub Aqua Club and lives on the Wirral.